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Review: The Last Mile by Kat Martin

★★★ ½ @katmartinauthor #TheLastMile @edelwiess_squad

Lara Croft, move over because Abigail Holland is on a treasure trail. This second book in the Blood Ties series keeps the pace fast and intense. There is a race to find a hidden treasure of un-imaginable amounts of gold. I love a good treasure hunt book with action, betrayal, and a major payload. This story delivers all and more.

Abigail Holland loves her departed grandfather dearly. A scholar and respected archeologist in her own right, she walks down the dicey path of the urban legend left to her in a map by her grandfather.

Abigail knows she needs an experienced team to help her find her father's last treasure hunt. She pairs up with the best, Gage Logan. Gage knows of Abigail's reputation as well as her esteemed grandfather. Due to his bad experience with a woman on an expedition with him, he isn't going to make it easy for Abigail to partner up with him.

I liked the pace of this story. The conflicts including greedy relatives and crazy Mexican drug lords is thrilling and fun. Ms. Martin does an amazing job of bringing this story to life. Her descriptions are so vivid I could see this as a movie playing in my head. I love when an author can pull me into their story so much that it feels like I'm watching a movie. With the way this series is going, I can only hope Netflix, Amazon, or a movie company picks this up and creates it for the big screen. It is interesting, different, and action-packed. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy adventures and secrets uncovered.

* provided by Edelweiss


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