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Review: The Murder Club by Alexandra Ivy

An Agatha Christie type murder club? How fun! Oh wait, it is a group of online cold case enthusiastic trying to solve murders based on the evidence they are able to review. This is a cool premise and I have heard of groups like this in real life. Having a medical knowledgeable amateur sleuth sounds like a great idea too. Insert Bailey a nurse working at a nursing home in her hometown. Her pay sucks and her boss is even worse, but her patients are worth it. I like Bailey.

Having several friends in the nursing field, I understand Bailey's drive and it is admirable. Her personal life is a bit sadder and it's clear that she is stuck in a rut. This online club seemed fun at first but then turned weird and dark. That is the thing with online interaction. One never knows who is at the other end of the line.

I liked the tie in from secondary characters in previous books. Whilst this book is in the series, it can be read as a standalone. Ms. Ivy provides enough context to get up to speed on how Dom initially met Bailey and why he would look her up when she's in town. Their romance is sweet but not the focal point of this book and for that, I'm grateful. I prefer the plot over the romance and Ms. Ivy keeps me guessing.

I liked this kind of whodunnit tale where the creepiness factor increases with each interaction. I liked how Bailey and Dom team up to try and figure out the case. They are also bright enough to loop in the cops and keep them updated. It probably helps that the main cop is Bailey's cousin. I hesitate to reveal too much about the plot because I don't want to give any spoilers. What I can say with confidence is that dysfunctional families frequently beget mentally disturbed children. This is a sad vicious cycle.

This suspense/thriller is recommended to readers who like a little romance to go with their murder case.

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