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Review: The Path to You by Carrie Ann Ryan

★★★★★ #ThePathToYou #CarrieAnnRyan

How did I miss writing this review? I honestly feel like December of 2022 just dropped off my calendar. Real life interfered. I loved this story. Of all the Wilder Brother stories to date, this is my favourite one. Why? Because Bethany's story moved me. She tries to do her best and media is ugly. They take things out of context and hound a person to death. Unacceptable.

Bethany and Everett's happily ever after is a long time in the making since there are extenuation circumstances. The two of them met before Bethany was a big star. Unfortunately, only one of them remembers because the other person's memory is . . . missing.

This by chance reuniting story is lovely. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Bethany and Everett. They suit each other in ways unexpected. They are not opposites attract - more like complimentary personalities and skills perfectly supplementing each other. Bethany's escape to a quiet and remote vineyard brings her back to Everett. The two of them learning about each other all over again is a delight to witness.

On top of them rediscovering each other, we are treated to a stalker and former ex. I am completely baffled and disgusted by how he treated her. Then suddenly he thinks she should not only forgive him but go back to him on his crazy terms. Celebrities and the paparazzi are depicted poorly in this story and I tend to agree with this viewpoint. The craziness that ensues after Bethany finally finds her way out of her rock bottom is not only wild but scary.

This contemporary romance is highly recommended to readers who love HEA and second chance romances with a hint of danger.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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