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Review: The Rebel Guardian by Lexi Blake

★★★★★ @authorlexiblake #TheRebelGuardian #MustRead

Same time period as the first book in the Outlaw series, this is all about Kelsey and how she adjusts to losing 12 years with her son. I love Kelsey. She may have been a bit hard on Trent when she came home but he was also sensitive to her unintentional criticism. I enjoyed how well these two communicated which was a breath of fresh air. Add in Gray who is now owning his Dark Prophet title, and this triad is a force to be reckoned with and I love it. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end because Kelsey is a survivor and she is going to kick some wizard butt.

Kesley's return to her home realm is not as she expected. I love the Kesley of today because her maturity shows in how she handles the critical problems in front of her. She is able to prioritize and connect back with her husbands. She is THE HUNTER and a role model for other women. She is the warrior who will bring a world of hurt to the people she is protecting. Her interactions with Evan and Fen warm my heart. She is their confidant, mother figure, auntie, and warrior role model all rolled up into one. Her direct approach to her work as well as taking down enemies thrills me.

Kelsey sometimes comes across as naive because she still believes in the good of her longtime friends even if they behave like an enemy. Do we really consider this naivety or perhaps I like to think of it as loyalty? Her ability to empathize with a person's situation is her greatest strength. She can see other people's viewpoints and for the most part, compromise and work with them. She has come such a long way. Ms. Blake created a heroine I adore. This is not to say Kelsey is a bleeding heart and even will try to save the bad guy. She is able to distinguish between a lost cause and a spark of hope.

There is so much change going on for Kelsey here and she handles it with grace and a few sexy times to relieve the pressure. I like where the plot is going for this series and I eagerly look forward to the next book in this series. Let's have more Kelsey! This paranormal romance is a must-read and highly recommended to readers who like BAMF heroines.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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