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Review: The Serpent in Heaven by Charlaine Harris

Where did 2023 go? For that matter, what happened to 2022? I read this story back in November of 22 and I thought I wrote a review. Boy was I wrong. Looking at my shelves, I see that I never posted a review and I 5 starred it! Needlessly to say, this is a well overdue review for a fantastic book in the Gunnie Rose Series. This is all about Felicia and her life in San Diego.

Felicia's life has never been easy. When she finds a half sister, life starts to get better but it still isn't her own. This is a coming of age book as she figures out just how special her magic can be. Specifically, her death magic.

What I liked about this story is how Felicia isn't in a position of power and she still finds ways to get what she needs. She does have to suffer through tough lessons both in life and schooling. She is a survivor and she will do what it takes to stay alive. Along the way, she learns more about her magic and how deadly it can be. She finds a tutor/mentor in the most unlikely of places. Whilst she's trying to figure out how to survive, other forces are determined to take her.

The suspense part of this story worked for me. I liked how Felicia had to navigate through the politics as well as figure out who was killing. What I could have done with out is her love interest. Fortunately, that subplot was minimal and didn't detract from the overall story line. This is my favourite in the series so far. I am intrigued to see what else will happen to these two sisters.

*provided by Edelweiss


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