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Review: The Wild Baron by Catherine Coulter

The start of the Baron series, this book takes me back to when Ms. Coulter was mostly a historical romance writer. This one is a bit of misdirection between Rohan Carrington and Susannah. Susannah's claim of ruin is not all that it seems. When these two team up, they are able to uncover a mystery. I found this new series to be in line with her other historical romances and enjoyed it.

What I enjoy about Ms. Coulter's historical romances are the unconventional women who help a man come to realize there are other things in life than title and wealth. Although both help greatly when a woman is in dire need. Susannah has been dealt a bad hand and she does her best to do what she can. Finding a sympathetic ear with Rohan is surprising based on her allegations against Rohan's brother.

I enjoyed the interaction between these two as they learned more about each other. This book does kick off the trilogy for Rohan's family. This first one is enjoyable with a happily ever after. Recommended for historical romance readers who enjoy white knights.


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