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Review: Unforgiven by Rebecca Zanetti

I love this romantic suspense series from Ms. Zanettit. It is always a fun read and I cannot put it down. As soon as I have a copy of the book, I must read it. I thought this series would be over. To my delight, this book is about Jethro. Yes, the sexy Brit living in the States, teaching as a professor of philosophy. Anyone else kind of imagining Giles mixed with James Bond? I am!

What I liked about this book is that there are two different plots going on at the same time. This is reminiscent of Catherine Coulter's FBI series. I enjoy it when two concurrent mysteries/suspense are blended into one story. Because life is never that straightforward and easy. Life is messy and usually, there are multiple events going on at the same time. For Gemma, she is on the run and hiding under the radar to escape a bad situation. As the story unfolds and we learn more about why Gemma's life is a complete train wreck, my anger escalates. I am completely incensed by what Gemma put on hold and how she's had to feel constantly for her life. Lately, I have been reading more books where authors are using stalkers and domestic violence as a theme. I'm not sure if it just is happenstance or this is a current trend. Regardless, I become livid with stalkers and just want to give them a beat down.

Jethro is a retired MI6 agent. I know absolutely nothing about MI6 other than what books and movies show. It seems to me, that once an agent, always an agent. I have zero validation if what happens in this book is real for a "retired" MI6 agent but it reads so very good. I love Ms. Zanetti's suspense/thrillers. I especially like this renegade group of law enforcement agents. They don't fit the mold and they are all loyal to a fault. Jethro's past comes to haunt him and it is a doozy. We are talking about boiled rabbit psychotic cra-cray. Jethro is a man's man and feels he should take care of this all by his lonesome self. Come to find out, he has friends and he didn't know it.

This is an action-packed tale that moves at an exciting pace. Ms. Zanetti pens another winner with betrayal, dysfunctional love, and redemption through love. Gemma and Jethro's romance is a whirlwind. I like how Gemma slowly starts to trust him because he is considerate and thoughtful. He demonstrates acts of kindness without prompting or showmanship. He's the real deal. Gemma needs a heavyweight like him in her corner. Their romance is fraught with danger that even includes a bombing. Talk about exciting times!

Lastly, Roscoe does make several guest appearances and it appears he's being kept in the background. My guess is maybe too many readers fell in love with him in the previous books and focused all on him instead of the main characters. Maybe one day, Ms. Zanetti will be write a novella from Roscoe's point of view. Kevin Hearne did. *hint hint*

This thriller is recommended for romantic suspense readers who enjoy action, adorable toddlers, and alpha male who saves the day.

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