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Review: Voice of Fear by Heather Graham

★★★★ #VoiceofFear #AuthorHeatherGraham@HarlequinBooks #Edeleis

The third triplet shows up in this continuation of a suspenseful three book story-arc. Patrick Law is no stranger to law enforcement. He has been supporting them in various capacities over the years. With his two sisters entangled with a hidden group wreaking havoc, he is now more tightly aligned with the FBI instead of the police. He also has a cute dog. This latest story kicks off fast and furious with FBI Agent Jordan in dire straits.

Jordan is undercover trying to break through the slavery ring. Or as we now "sanitize" it and call it human trafficking. Doesn't it sound so much more mild as human trafficking? It disgusts me that we sugar coat this hideous crime. I digress. Jordan is helped out by Patrick and this starts off a great partnership. Since this is a Krewe book, we know there is going to be some paranormal activity. This latest story arc is heavily featuring ghosts.

Some of the previous subplots finally are resolved in this book and it is so good. There is finally a cold case resolved. A missing person's which bothered a cop through to his after life is also resolved. This book did a great job of tiding all lose ends. There is quite a bit going on. Jordan and Patrick are up against a tight timeframe because once the slaves leave the country, there is no hope to bring them back. Working in an intense high-pressured environment does tend to have work partners bond stronger. This is the case for Jordan and Patrick as they not only learn to trust and depend upon each other, they also develop personal feelings. I liked how their relationship grew organically. It didn't feel forced and whilst it may have been a bit of lust thrown in, it was not an instalove get married trope.

The chemistry between Jordan and Patrick made the book a smooth read. They didn't have contrived misunderstandings. They worked through their issues, and they also worked well with others. Specifically, another ghost that has been helping them try and solve the case. The teamwork in this book made it a 4 star for me. This paranormal suspense is recommended to readers who like psychic and ghost themes.

*provided by Edelweiss


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