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Review: Warrior by Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale

★★★ @ReneeRoseAuthor #Warrior

This story arc wraps up fast in three books. And yet another single SEAL member is left and possibly two more who will join the Alpha Mountain team. This one focuses on two particular members who have a history together - Quincy and Kennedy. Hooking up after a death-defying mission is completely understandable. Will it last? This is what Quincy and Kennedy both question and they go about it in a terrible miscommunication. I want to slap both of them upside the head. Or maybe say, "Use your words and choose them wisely".

There are many similarities between Quincy and Kennedy's backgrounds and how they relate to their parents. They both have daddy issues and they tongue-in-cheek poke fun about it. Even with the serious situation, this book is more light-hearted than the first two. The focus is definitely more on the romance than the suspense. The mission to find out who framed Ford and Buck takes a back seat in this book. And yet it all resolves so quickly with just a couple of phone calls. That part felt a little too pat for me, but it works. It does wrap up the book and mystery part quickly.

From a romance perspective, this is a second chance romance theme with a redeemed man-whore. Or at least that is what Kennedy is accused of being. . . because he has been with a lot of women. I'm not sure I like that term because a whore actually makes money off of it. He does it for free and spreads his love all around. Yes, he's a player, but there shouldn't be a hangup over it. The typical conflicts and hurt feelings ensue as Quincy and Kennedy try to muscle their way into a dysfunctional relationship. I say dysfunctional because it follows the typical pattern of assumptions and lack of communication. Frustrating and so easy to see. Unfortunately, this is accurate to real life as I have seen it way too many times amongst people I know.

This is a quick and easy read with a satisfying conclusion and happily ever after. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy alpha males, badass females, and second chance themes.

* I received an ARC from Social Butterfly


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