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Review: When a Dragon Falls by Kerrelyn Sparks

Returning back to the Embraced world with the children of the original series is delightful! This can be read as a standalone. The recommendation is to read the other books in this series to understand the different relationships better between the characters. Reading the original series is not required, yet recommended for pure enjoyment. This one is all about the Dragons as the title suggests. As a dragon lover, this book is right up my alley. With Princess Lenushka, it is more, "I am Dragon, Hear Me ROAR!"

Lenushka is in a unique position as not only royalty, but also a dragon shifter . . . the first ever female one that anyone can remember. She needs to prove herself over and over again, especially to thick headed dragon males. As a minority female in IT, her plight hits home. Immediately identifying with Lenushka, I am pulled into the story from the beginning.

What I enjoy about this book, is seeing how Lenushka responds to the demands placed upon her as a unique and highly desirable dragon. Several male dragons compete for her hand as a mate. They see her as only a coveted possession. Lenushka is no damsel in distress. She is a highly skilled dragon warrior who earned her rank. She is a commander and yet the males cannot see past her reproductive organs. I completely empathize. I like how Ms. Sparks created this character. Lenushka could be a spoiled princess with a huge ego. Instead, Lenushka is a level headed force to be reckon with who wants to protect her nation.

This book nicely weaves in a few heavy philosophies: minority females, interracial relationships, and nepotism - and makes it understandable. There is a theory that the more one reads, the more a person can expand their understanding of others and become more empathetic and accepting. I find authors like Ms. Sparks is the reason why book readers can see other perspectives and start expanding their norms and being more inclusive.

This story isn't the author preaching on a soapbox about victim hood. It is a magic tale where a strong female lead encounters bad situations and how she overcomes them. Some of them are work related. Other conflicts are personal. We experience feelings and thoughts through her eyes and the eyes of those around her. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like having a bad situation turn around to a positive.

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