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Review: Wicked Crown by Luna Joya

★★★★ @lunajoyawriter #WickedCrown #BookReview

New to me author, Ms. Joya pulls me into a thrill ride of thieving goblins, kinky shenanigans, sexy male witches, and a prophecy to be fulfilled. I must apologize as I read this book last year as soon as I received them and then proceeded to not write the review in a timeline manner. I can say that anytime I see Ms. Joya's name on a book, I'll pick it up to read. What I like about this book is the action mixed with paranormal/urban fantasy. Whilst this cover implies an erotic novel and there is mention of BDSM, these are just side pieces to the main event. My focus is all on Vori and the crazy world she lives in.

In this world of supernaturals, goblins are a bit different than the usual mythos. These are shifters kind of like Skrek's wife Fiona, but it isn't a curse. And the goblin body is more like a brutal killing machine that can possibly go into a berserker rage. This tale starts out with some cat burglary that ends up being an unintentional rescue of a prisoner who is questionable in their morals. Perry, the prisoner in question is not so innocent yet he is not exactly totally in the wrong. Honestly, I felt like I was missing an entire story line and perhaps this is a spin-off of a previous series. My best guess is that this is the same world as her Legacy Series. Missing the story line does not make this book confusing. What it does, is make me want to read the other books in the Legacy series to find out about the cool characters in there and the showdown they have with corrupt leaders.

This book is hard to categorize because whilst it does originally take place in an urban setting and I thought it was going to be more about kinky sex, it is actually more a coming of age prophecy plot mixed in with a fake relationship. It almost feels like Ms. Joya drew a bunch of plots and plot devices threw them together and out came this book. Yet all of it works very well together and bring together a cohesive and engaging story. The material is all familiar yet blended in a refreshing way. What I also like is how this is a whole story. There is a beginning, middle, and end all in one book. I was not sure if this would end up being dragged out over several books. I am pleasantly surprised this is an action packed story where I received a conclusion to Vori and Perry's relationship and where they will be in the world. This genre defying romance is recommended to readers who want something fresh and unique.

* I was provided a copy for review


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