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Review: Winning Over a Wood Witch by Lauren Connolly

Childhood nemisis meet again and see their past in a whole new light. How does Ms. Connolly do it? She creates these characters that frustrate me to no end yet I end up liking them. Manny is a dumbass. Let's just get this out of the way. Men accuse women of giving of mixed signals. Manny is the king of mixed signals and quelle surprise . . . the object of his affection isn't buying any of it. Blossom is awesome. I love her character and she's spicy!

Blossom felt smothered at home. Now after living away from home and making it out on her own, she might be open to relocating closer to family. The one problem? Her older sister's best friend, Manny, is a dumb jerk. Even those she crushed on him as a teenager, he squished that like a bug and left her desolated. When it comes out as to why Manny behaved the way he did, I can understand. He's young, dumb, and full of cum as they say. The way he handled his attraction to Blossom was completely asinine. And yet, Ms. Connolly was able to make him redeemable in my eyes. Blossom is a much harder sell. And for good reason.

I loved the obstacles Blossoms placed in front of Manny. He needed to really prove he wanted her and that it wasn't another prank. I enjoyed Manny learning how much he messed up, no matter his original intention. Whilst this whole set up just makes me scream, it is written in a way that is funny and enjoyable. Most likely because it isn't mean spirited from intent through execution.

This is another winner from Ms. Connolly. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy enemies to lovers theme.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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