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The Storm Princess and the Raven King Jeffe Kennedy

★★★★ @jeffekennedy #TheStormPrinccessandtheRavenKing

The last pairing of childhood friends in the Heirs of Magic series is brutal. Salena and Rhyian were the first of their set of friends to match together. Sometimes when you find your right soulmate early, you might not be ready for it. Rhyian's lack of maturity damages a potentially beautiful relationship beyond repair. Honestly, Salena should have walked away and never looked back. What Rhyian did is kind of unforgivable.

Fortunately for Rhyian, Salena never moved on and in the years that have passed, she keeps her bitterness strong and festering. They do say that Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. Whelp, Salena's fury matches the storms she can generate. Her relationship with Rhyian is toxic and volatile. I get that he hurt her with careless cruelty, but must she keep picking at this wound so that it continuously bleeds? She is a bit over the top with it and whilst I empathize with her lack of trust, I start feeling sorry for Rhyian and want him to move on to a woman who isn't such a harridan.

Whilst their messy drama is playing out like a bad YA reality show, the real issue at hand must be fixed. This entity that is wrecking havoc upon the different worlds and causing catalysmic events must be stopped. The plot of this story is rich and has me completely riveted. Honestly, I couldn't have done without the romance piece. This book probably would have rated a 5 if it focused on the fantasy portion. Rhy and Salena's love hate relationship is distracting and distasteful for me. I know the blurb says "A love that can't die". I kept yelling "Die alrready!!" I digress.

Ms. Kennedy continues to create a fascinating world. The characters are rich and how she forces these princes and princesses into figuring out how to defeat the foe is impressive. I love the twists and turns of this story. The ending is crushing for me. Whilst it is a happily ever after for Rhy and Salena, I am woebegone over the evil entity. As soon as the reveal starts, my mind has already jumped to a conclusion I did not want to come true. Sure enough, the explanation to why these horrific events taking place is just as bad as I envisioned. It breaks my heart. I am angry and upset. It makes me wonder if there will be a spin off book with the people/world from which this entity came from. Or if the story is already being told, point me in the right direction!

This story is more fantasy than paranormal romance, but the romance is heavy handed here. Recommended to fantasy lovers who enjoy happily ever afters with bittersweet endings.

* I received this coipy for an honest review


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