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Dream Keeper by Kristen Ashley

★★★★ @KristenAshley68 @NetGalley #DreamKeeper

He did it again. Cisco steals every single bloody one of the books in this series. When will Cisco get his own story? I want to know, because it isn't this one. In this one, we get to meet the most adorable and precocious little girl, Juno. Juno is Pepper's daughter. Pepper is the latest in the Dream team to be matched up. Her match up? Auggie.

Auggie is a great guy and he comes with baggage. What I find disappointing about Auggie and specifically Pepper is that they cannot seem to be able to use their worlds. Seriously, Juno a mere kid can use her words and communicate better than either of these adults can. This is one thing about Ms. Ashley's books that bug me. How her couples can't talk to each other. It feels like contrived conflict. But let's be real, my expectations of these characters are too high considering that in real life, a good majority of the couples are just as bad or worse than them. Yes, I am totally dissing on real life relationships. (Change my mind!)

Honestly, Auggie seems to be too good for Pepper. I get that Pepper struggles with her ex-husband. Even worse, this ex doesn't realize he had a good thing and tossed it away. He isn't a bad person, just spoiled, and once again, can't communicate. Why are there so many fools in the world? Just when I think Pepper is a bit dysfunctional, Auggie's crazy parents show up.

When I say crazy, I mean LOCO. Auggie's mother is a narcissistic witch. She should have never had a child and I cannot believe Auggie is as well adjusted as he comes across. Because his mom should be kicked off a high cliff with no parachute or rope harness. The scenes with his mom are disgusting and heartbreaking. I can't fathom how horrible people can be to the ones they are supposed to love and protect.

Well, yet again Cisco comes to the rescue. His interaction with Juno is priceless. Cisco is a great guy with a questionable background. His anti-hero status just keeps increasing in moxie. What I also liked about this story is how the hunt for the "bad" conglomerate's plot thickens. I was not sure if that multi-book story arc was going to move forward in this book. It does! Now I can't wait to see what happens and if that thread will ever be tied off.

This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who like alpha males, ornery females, smart kids, and an anti-hero who is like a fairy Godfather, granting wishes.

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