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Review: Bad Blood by Lauren Dane

Last summer, I finally picked up the first book in the series and I loved it. For those who may have missed the earlier books in this series, this book may be a little confusing. Still, it can be read as a standalone. Be forewarned, it may cause you to pick up all the previous books to get caught up.

Fast forward to this summer and a lot has happened since we first met Rowan and her now husband, Clive. There is a case to be solved yet vampires are beating their chests to show their dominance. Witches are casting coercive spells. These are all noisy distractions. Why?

This is exactly what Rowan and her BFF Genevieve are trying to determine. This meaty novel feels is satisfying even if at the end of the book, there isn't an answer to the missing witches and humans. There are several subplots going on which look to be coming together into explaining the main story arc going across several books. What I liked is how the tangent distractions reveal more about the corruption in the different supernatural groups. I also like how this story has two strong female leads. They are not competing against each other, instead, Rowan and Genevieve support each other. It isn't too often I find an urban fantasy/paranormal romance with strong female characters who work great together.

Whilst Rowan and Genevieve try to solve several cases at the same time, the men in their lives are no slouches. Rowan's husband Clive is a powerhouse. With this being a Ms. Dane book, there is going to be sexy times. Both Rowan and Genevieve receive some loving attention from their males and it is delightfully written. It is a bit more tame than I'm used to now, but still a bit spicier for those who are used to "clean" romances.

I feel like this book is setting up for the next book in a big showdown. I'm excited and I cannot wait to see what happens next. As both Rowan and Genevieve jump up a quantum level in power, it hints of something really bad coming down the pipeline. This urban fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy a multilayered plot and snarky strong female leads.

* I received this ARC from NetGalley


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