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Review: Both feet in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

★★★★★ @Jeaniene_Frost #mustread @BothfeetintheGrave #NetGalley

Bones is back and we get to see his side of the story in this he said/she said book style. I loved the first book from Bones' perspective and I don't know why I waited so long to read the follow up book. I loved it. Everything I loved about the beginning of the series from Cat's perspective, I love even more from Bones'.

Seeing from Bones' view is illuminating at how he suffered being apart from Cat. His maturity compared to Cat's extreme juvenile thoughts is a nice contrast. I also love seeing how Cat was like compared to what she is grown to now. Going to the past to revisit Cat and seeing just how much she's come is thrilling.

What I like about this book is seeing what Bones has to go through in order to protect Cat. Her ignorance and bullheadedness causes various problems as we find with most people under 25. She doesn't have enough experience to know better. Yet she thinks she knows what is going on and she wants to plow forward to expedite her cause. I find this hilarious to witness and I feel for Bones as he needs to scramble many a times to undo her "helpfulness". It probably would have helped if Bones explained things to Cat. But honestly, I find people in Cat's position aren't willing to listen and they need to learn through hard lessons. I applaud Ms. Frost for creating Cat the way she is - flaws and all. I also applaud Ms. Frost for keeping the characters consistent with the original books. This cannot be easy because Ms. Frost's writing style has grown too. Growth always makes me excited and this book subtly showcases character progression growth and the author's writing maturity. Love it! This is a wonderful romance from a much beleaguered male's point of view. Recommended to all paranormal romance readers who love a strong male paired with a sassy heroine.

* I received an ARC from Netgalley


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