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Review: Dark Class by Michelle Diener

★★★★★ @michellediener #DarkClass #MustRead #MustBuy

A masterpiece. Dark Class includes everything I love about Ms. Diener's writing. A page turner, this book is a must read. This can be read as a standalone. This entire series is fantastic and worth reading. In this latest addition and maybe last book, the last earthling abducted receives her story. Ellie Masters' experience to date at the hands of her alien abductors is terrible. It is questionable if she will survive it. Her fight to live is awesome. Two words: Warrior Librarian.

Ever since I read the original Brain Ship books from Ms. McCaffrey, I have been interested in any books with artificial intelligence. This series reminds me of that concept and takes it to another level. The alien space sci-fi genre is extremely appealing because it is one of my first introductions to science fiction by a person I admired in my youth. When I read this series from Ms. Diener, it brings back all the great feelings I experienced when I first learned about these kinds of possibilities. Ms. Diener is undeniably talented in bringing forth plausible advanced civilizations with innovative technology, inventing strange yet familiar creatures, and then breathing life into them. I specifically love the drones in this story and how Ellie interacts with them.

Seeing the spark of life beginning is such an intimate event. Ellie's interactions with each drone and with Paxe are what make me fall immediately in love with this book. I want to read this story over and over again to savour all my favourite scenes. On top of the character creation, the amount of moxie given to Ellie and how she handles each new situation is jaw-dropping. I completely fathom why the Grih are entranced by Ellie. I can visualize how Ellie is dressed and some of the cool alien toys she's given enhance her mystique. I'm swooning and in love with her too. The fact that she is a LIBRARIAN is icing on the cake.

There are so many cool gadgets, characters, and action in this story. It is non-stop for me and I love it. The thrilling ending is a "mic drop" scene. I cherished every moment of it. I do wish to learn more about this universe. There is so much to explore. With a new type of "ship" found, I hope that we learn more about it. It reminds me a little bit of a story an author I adored started and never finished. The yearning and longing for that author to write the story never went away, even a bit over a decade now. Reading this book and seeing how that story could have gone, finally brings me closure to a yearning that I didn't think would ever be appeased. For that, I thank Ms. Diener. The greedy glut that I am, I hope she decides to write a bit about this new kind of ship found in this book by Paxe and Ellie.

This sci-fi is highly recommended for readers who want strong character development, exciting new worlds, and adorable yet scary robot buddies.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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