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Review: Devouring Darkness by Chloe Neill

★★★★ @chloeneill #DevouringDarkness #NetGalley

Is this the end of this series? I hope not. Elisa and Connor are thrown into a situation that they must resolve by a deadline without the help or support of their parents. The series has been building up to Elisa and Connor moving up in supernatural politics and trouble management. This is the one where they show their mettle. There are also reveals that make me nervous because this is the 2nd to the last book in the series. My understanding is that the next book will be the last. Sadness.

Elisa and Connor's relationship deepens as they bond through the adversity thrown at them. Elisa is investigating and trying to solve a new big bad that has come into Chicago. Her job spills into her personal life as her parents become unwilling hostages. What surprised me is Lulu's parents and her involvement. I always thought there was something a bit odd with Lulu, given her parents. The truth is revealed and it is a doozy. As reveals go, Elisa is still keeping her "monster" in the closet. This subplot receives a tiny bit of attention that whets a reader's appetite. I wish there would be more.

What I do enjoy is the magic aspect of this and how an entire city is protected unbeknownst to the paranormals. The science of it and how this defense is maintained geeked me out. I loved the concept. I loved how the caretakers changed over the years. There is so much more to tell about this world.

Elisa and Connor's romance is shaken as the pointed facts are shoved into their faces regarding their life span. This is a quandary and I wonder how it will be resolved. Still, werewolves are sniffing around the "prince" and Elisa gives a good smackdown. Her declaration of "Mine" is amusing and rocks. This is a perfect blend of urban fantasy with a dash of romance. This book is recommended to fantasy readers who enjoy coming-of-age themes.

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