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Review: Kiss Hard by Nalini Singh

★★★★ @NaliniSingh #KissHard #NetGalley

Sweet romance from talented author Ms. Singh sweeps me off my feet. I devoured this book in one night. This can be read as a standalone. Reading book 1 - Cherish Hard may enhance the reading experience as the female protagonist in this book is Catie River, book 1's little sister to Isa. I loved the first book so much that seeing Catie receive a book of her own brings joy in my life that I didn't know I wanted.

Catie is born to be a runner. Fast for her age, a devasting accident could have ruined her life and destroyed her. Instead, she rises above all obstacles and continues on in her dream to be a competitive runner. I am in awe of women like Catie. Her perseverance is incredible. What I like about this story is how it shows that money does make life easier to those who have physical disadvantages can overcome come them. What Catie receives financially and medically from her mother is priceless, even if her mother's maternal affections is a bit lacking. What makes this story even better is that Catie doesn't take it for granted. She works hard to pay it forward to other children who do not have the advantages she received. I love this underlying desire to do good and be a helper. This is a powerful message that we seem to miss in our real life social media noise. I wish there was more of Catie and her ilk in the world. Or at least they are highlighted more than the crazies we see today.

Catie's life is going well and finding a man is not exactly in her plans. When Daniel, a long time family friend and her childhood archenemy blindsides her, it becomes an interesting match. I laugh at the social media taunts between these two characters. It kind of reminds me of Ryan Renolds and his wife. It's in jest and never malicious. It adds to the spicy chemistry between Catie and Daniel when they get together in their fake romance. As some fake romances sometimes lead to real relationships, this one seems to grow organically. These two are finally at the right place and right time to come together.

This story is filled with heart warming scenes. I loved the family scenes. I loved learning about Catie and how she has to be careful in her life. Learning more about people with artificle limbs is wonderful. I don't know how much research Ms. Singh did to make this story happen. I am estimating a lot and I appreciate it because it gives me a glimpse into a life I didn't know much about. This contemporary romances is more than enemies-to-lovers. It is about family, friends, those who support you, and helping others. Highly recommended to all romance readers. Inspirational!

*provided by NetGalley

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