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Review: Mind Games by Nora Roberts

A powerful and moving story of love and vengeance, I loved this newest story from Ms. Roberts. When it comes to character development and weaving a tale of tragic loss balanced by intense love, Ms. Roberts is a go to author for me. This newest story captured my attention and I devoured the book in one sitting. The plot is compelling. The characters come to life and leap off the pages. This is a great standalone must read book.

This story does have a romance between the main character, Thea and Ty. For me the story is more about the fierce love of parent for a child. And the loss of innocence when malicious envy destroys a family's idyllic life. I thoroughly enjoyed the compare and contrasts in this story. Comparing Thea's material to her paternal grandmother emphasizes how the opposite of love is apathy. This is heartbreaking to see Thea experience.

I loved the different plot devices including Thea and her maternal line of a psychic gift. I love that Thea is also a game designer. There are so many things about the characters I love. Thea's brother's defense of her as well as his occupation to protect her livelihood is incredible. The conflicts between Ty and Thea during their romance worked so well. Why? Because it shows a more realistic back and forth in a relationship. It takes time and a lot of work to keep a relationship going. Throw in a kid and an overly protective father, it is a recipe for drama.

DRAMA, so much drama in this story and I loved it. I liked it because it wasn't emotional hormonal drama. It's drama that is caused from unresolved trauma. Working through both Thea's and Ty's past hurts and burdens is cathartic. At the end, this love triumphs all through great adversity creates a more satisfying conclusion. The build up to the end is fantastic. I experience horror, sorrow, joy, fury, and unadulterated pleasure from vengeance. This book has it all for me. Highly recommend Mind Games to contemporary romance readers who want a well written plot driven story with complex characters.

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Jun 11

This was 5 stars for me too. It had so many excellent elements.

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