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Review: Peace Maker by Michelle Diener

★★★★★ #PeaceMaker @michellediener

Masterfully written, the newest book in the Verdant String series should not be missed. Ms. Diener creates a spellbinding tale filled with intrigue, betrayal, and plans for genocide. Fliss is an anomaly and seeing the world from her perspective is both eye-opening and refreshing. She may be Gyr but she is different than all the others. This plays into the conjecture of nature versus nurture. I love books that make me think. Ms. Diener consistently slips serious concepts and her "what-if" scenarios.

Fliss is different than all the other Gyr because of how she came to be. Since she didn't start out as an adult with the gyra and she had no weapons, her methods of removing/eliminating the aggressive wildlife on Fjern are vastly different. She comes across more like a superhero instead of a ruthless killer. I will say, her preferred technique is a lot more dangerous for her than others. What it does show, is how to live in harmony with indigenous life. This book title is perfect as we learn more about Fliss. She is a Peace Maker.

There are so many things I enjoyed about this book. The world-building brings the troublesome Garmen back into focus. They seem to want to take, take, and take - without any payment or sacrifice. Second, I love the nanotechnology in this story. If we had something like the gyra here, I probably would do it. I do not trust our scientists, especially after this pandemic so then again, maybe I'd wait to see how others are controlled. Make no mistakes, what Gyr Command does is all about controlling others' lives. Whilst I understand and appreciate Gyr Command's fears from very early on, it still doesn't justify what they did to the Gyr.

Third, character development worked for me. I really liked Fliss. For me, she is the front-and-center character I liked and followed. All the other characters, including Han, were secondary and less interesting. I cannot wait to see more in this vibrate world Ms. Diener's created. Her books generate a euphoric feeling. Her writing style reminds me of Anne McCaffrey during her golden writing years. These stories are heavy on the SciFi and light on romance which makes them so good. I cannot get enough of the stories Ms. Diener creates. This fantasy is recommended to all space opera readers.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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