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Review: Present Tense by Candace Blevins

★★★★★ @CandaceBelvins #bookreview #mustread #buyitnow

All of my senses are in overload with this new Holiday themed novel from Ms. Blevins. Full disclosure, I did not read the blurbs and avoided the spoilers. All I knew about the book was: Christmas theme, multiple men to one woman, shifters and vampires. And the female is supposed to be hawt. This book is so much more.

First off, I loved the premise of a newly turned vampire who had a plan to be turned. This perspective and what Kelsey can do as she grows is different and refreshing. Second, I love the dominance in this story. The three men all have dominant traits and they are kinky in different flavours. Why stick with one choice when there are more dishes to try? Third, I enjoyed the romance of this story. I thought maybe this was going to be another murder/suspense plot. Maybe it would be a huge flighting conflict. Nope. This is genuinely a sweet albeit sadistic romance.

Wow, the Fabulosa trio - Fabio, Eunice and Collosa are each unique shifters with a strong bond of friendship through surviving tough situations. They are men with sexual proclivities which makes me melt. Each of their strengths compliments and brings a complete twelve course kinky meal for Kesley to wine, dine and lose her mind. I can wax on eloquently how much I adore each of these men. Instead, I am going to encourage you to experience it hi-def first hand. Let's just say these creatively kinky men generated a bit of "me" time. So hot.

This romance is fabulous for me because it grows organically through mutual likes and shared experiences. My favourite parts included all the little "Easter eggs" on Douglas Adams and Tolkien. I did geek out a bit on this one. Kelsey fit the part perfectly and the way she interacts with the three men is funny, endearing, sweet, intense and adorable.

Lastly, the BDSM part of this is out of this world. I'm still reeling from the punishments, rewards and domination. When it comes to kink with an edge and then some, Ms. Blevins is one of the top erotic writers I depend upon. She mixes possible reality into a grittier paranormal angle to kick the erotic fest into high gear. When Ms. Blevin's lets loose, her spice will hit the 16 million Scoville Heat Units.

This is a heart warming, panty moistening holiday romance I highly recommend to readers who enjoy rough sex and sweet pain.


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