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Review: The Duke Not Taken by Julia London

★★★★ @JuliaFLondon #TheDukeNotTaken @edelweiss_squad

How did I miss writing this review or even recording it? All I can say is that I lost the last quarter of 2022 and I'm just getting caught back up. This story is all about Amelia and from her perspective. Whilst this book can be read as a standalone, it is better if the preceding book, Last Duke Standing is read first. This is where Amelia is introduced as a flighty attention seeking princess.

Seeing Amelia from her eyes and what she has to overcome explains her behaviour so much more. Originally, we saw a young shallow female who takes all the attention from her older sister. When we learn why Amelia behaved the way she did, it makes so much more sense. The sad part is people misjudged Amelia and now she a name that isn't fair to her. Amelia is more than fancy dresses. She possess an intellect fostered by both her father and older sister. They understood her and without them around, some of her more impulsive and direct manner of helping is unwanted and unappreciated.

I feel for Amelia because she wants to help people out. She gets to the root of the problem and tries to resolve it. The problem? People don't want to fix the root of the problem and become entirely overly defensive. I cannot tell you how much I feel the pain Amelia experiences. The way Amelia occupies her time whilst she is on a forced summer tour is to be expected even if everyone else is flabbergasted. Her accidental interactions with Joshua, the Duke of Marley are too funny. I loved their unintentional meeting of minds. Their denials of attraction are too cute. Their complicated mating dance takes no prisoners. All other applicants for Amelia's hand are way out of their depth with her. Their courting pails next to Joshua's sincerity.

This historical romance may cause a reader to laugh uproariously at times and feel profound pity at other times. Recommended to readers who enjoy enemies to lover themes.

*provided by Edelweiss


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