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Review: The Emperor's Wolves by Michelle Sagara

★★★★★ #bookreview #mustread #buyit @msagara

I love The Chronicles of Elantra. It is one of the most unique high fantasy books I have ever read. I need to really focus on the story because there is so much information packed in each concise sentence. When it comes to writing style, Ms. Sagara is definitely one who writes at a much higher level with zero filler scenes. It is a work of art. So when we now return to this world, from Severn's view, I'm blown away.

Seeing the world from Severn's experience gives an even deeper understanding of Elantra. There are factions which are now fleshed out more and gives even more colour to the interactions between each of them in Elantra. And we finally learn about Severn's perspective of his time with Kaylin when they were young. The amount of responsibility that Severn took on for Kaylin boggles the mind. His guilt over his actions and his conflicted feelings for Kaylin set up such a complicated relationship between the two. Previously, I felt that Severn was like the "muscle" guy with a brain and great impulse control. Because Kaylin definitely has zero impulse control.

Now, trying to unwind Severn's past is riveting. He is a man with so many contradictions. I can see why he is an important character. His interaction with Tha'alani further demonstrates Severn's maturity and his unique abilities. Severn may be a man with few words, but his thoughts are thorough with no artifice. This makes him an ideal person to communicate with the Tha'alani. His relationship with the up and coming leader is extraordinary. With Severn, what you see is what you get. I love everything about him. He is the stoic helper who you can depend upon, life or death.

There is so much more to this tale than what I have described. It needs to be experienced. A reader will be whisked away into a magical world that is both alluring and dangerous. Meeting all the characters from a totally different view is exciting and refreshing. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. This high fantasy is highly recommended to readers looking for great plot, character building and a fantastic magical world.

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