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Review: The Guardian Dragon by Ashlee Sinn

★★★ @AshleeSinn1 #TheGuardianDragon

The Guardian Dragon is the only novella I read in this collection and my review only reflects this story. New to me author Ms. Sinn brings to life an intriguing world where there is a lone dragon shifter hiding amongst the Vikings. Vikings do as they are wont to do... rape, pilage, and conquer new lands. This prequel tale hints at unrest between the English, the Celts, and the Vikings.

Radomir is going through the motions of pillaging at the behest of the English King. He is a man accepted by the Vikings because he is a glorious warrior. His heart isn't into it but it's a job and he might be able to find some land to settle in and make a home. When a routine invading excursion goes sideways, Radomir finds someone he never thought he would find again.

This novella is a bit of a teaser as the world becomes complicated for Radomir, it ends. Voadicia is the future chief of her tribe and yet with one decision, her life course changes completely. There are multiple things going on in this story and I can only hope that since it is a prequel, we will learn more in a follow-up book. I'm intrigued with this fated mate enemies to lovers story. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy dragon shifters who find their willing sacrifice.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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